Time and Focus For Entrepreneurs
Online course reveals how to instantly become more productive - and grow your business by focusing on the things that make a difference
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Are you too busy working to get anything useful done?

Quite frankly, most entrepreneurs struggle with both focus, and time management.

Yet these are two essential skills you must master before you can achieve anything of lasting value.

"Always too much to do, never enough time..." Sound familiar?

Time quickly slips away, leaving you with half-finished projects and endless to-do lists. Before you know it, another year has passed...

Sure, you can get through the days, and maybe the weeks, with lots of willpower and lots of late nights. But you can't thrive like that.

Time isn't money, it's far more valuable than that. Here's why: time is the only resource you have that can never be replaced. When it's gone, it's gone.

Forever. Sounds obvious, yet almost everyone undervalues their time. Maybe you do too?

Deadly Myth: "You just need to work smarter, not harder"

You've heard this hundreds of times. You've probably tried it yourself. It doesn't solve anything, but why? It simply isn't true.

Doing the wrong things "smarter" is never going to bring you success. Instead, work hard on smart things.

Here's What You'll Discover In The Course
Part #1:
What to do 
There are a few things you need to do. There are many things you don't need to do. Part one helps you understand the difference.
Part #2:
How to focus
How can you focus when there's so much to do? In Part 2 I give you surefire tools and techniques to stay focused on the right things.
Part #3:
Low Hanging Fruit
Where should you start? Always pick the low-hanging fruit! By using the Pareto Principle (the "80/20 Rule") you'll discover hidden profits in your business.
Part #4:
Freedom Framework
In part 4 I give you the Freedom Framework, a simple way to create (or recreate) your business so it supports the lifestyle you want.
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Meet Your Instructor
I'm a marketing consultant and coach based in Tokyo. I have 9 years' experience helping entrepreneurs and small-business owners grow their businesses with effective marketing.
"Matthew is one of the cleverest people I know. He is a walking encyclopedia on every single marketing and professional development tool and author out there." - Tracey Northcott, Tokyo Family Stays and Tracey Northcott Consulting
"Matthew is a source of business inspiration. His marketing knowledge has proven invaluable to me in gaining new insights and ideas to break through old habits and ways of thinking." - Tyler Harder, Co-founder & Director, Enterprise Solutions Division 
K.K. Tsunago
"Marketing is such a vast topic, when starting up a new project or company it may be kind of overwhelming. Thanks to Matthew, everything is not only very enjoyable but mostly you can come up with practical actions to take right away." - 
Antony Tran, President of PhotoLife14
"Matthew's seminars are full of interesting, practical and innovative ways to improve how you structure, showcase and market your business. They're chock full of practical tips, there's plenty of research and to-do ideas for later and it also facilitates value creation between us students; as we share ideas, real life stories and how to's with each other." - 
Angela Ortiz, Founder and CEO of Stratechist
"Matthew's sessions are interesting because he takes us into the psychology of marketing. He breaks away completely from the hype of marketing and "click bait" or 'shiny object' marketing that is a 'dime-a-dozen' on the Internet and in books, and instead, drills down to the real things that matter in the way we project ourselves to our clients and the things that matter to clients are found in the way they think." - Catherine O'Connell, Principal and Founder of Catherine O'Connell Law
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